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Kimberly Cars in South Goa.

Holidaying in South Goa, then Kimberly Cars should be your choice for renting cars. Few of the leading Car Rental Agency Websites of South Goa are http://www.carsrentalsingoa.com and http://www.goacarbikerentals.com and http://www.kimsholidayhomesgoa.com. Besides these one can get in touch with Kimberly Cars  or Kims Car Hire.

The comfort of car rentals in Goa is that you can rent the same model or make of car that you are comfortable in driving back at home. So you just slip into the driver’s seat and drive off to your destination in Goa. Google’s map of Goa, kept open on your smart phone, steering wheel in your hands, and off you can be gone exploring the beaches and hinterlands of rural Goa. KC Cars operating from their office in South Goa close to Colva beach and Betalbatim beach offers variety of private legal car rental and car hire services to tourists holidaying in Goa.

Self Driven Cars in Goa

Kimberly Cars located in South of Goa at Betalbatim beach offers, “self driven” cars, wherein the Adult Person, of officially authorized driving age and having a official & active driving licence is welcome to rent any car accessible for their private self driving satisfaction. Self driven means cars that come without any driver to drive the car around. It is the chosen responsibility of the client who wishes to drive a car to convey self and his family or friends within the geological state of Goa.

Driven Cars in Goa

Kimberly C Cars to be found near Colva Beach offers, “driven cars” wherein the rented car is provided along with a Chauffeur, who comes along with the car at all times. The lent car is for all time bound to be driven only by the Chauffeur provided by the Kimberly Cars agency of Salcete, Goa. No unofficial person is approved to drive the car, when the chauffeur is provided for driving the motor vehicle at all times. Chauffeur Car Drivers are well skilled and registered with us. So you are safe always. Also our chauffeur driver doubles up as good Tourist cum Shopping Guide as we hire only local Goans.


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