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Goa has long become a annual destination affair for millions of Indians. The unlimited clean beaches, more innumerable bars, sunny & balmy climate, friendly locals and lots of tourist attractions has made Goa the Mecca of most Indian tourists. Mecca the religious place is visited at-least once in a lifetime, but Goa is visited almost once every year in one's full lifetime. 

South Goa is the undiluted side of Goa, the cleaner and less populated beaches are a sight for the sore eyes.
The Romantic Ruins of Chapora Fort, a little ahead of Vagator beach was brought right in front of all Indians TV Sets by Actor and Director Farhan Akhtar in his super hit Hindi Bollywood Movie, "Dil Chahta Hai" introducing to Goa the beautiful ancient forts of Goa as the ultimate picnic destination in India. 
Dil Chahta Hai Destination: GOA

Goa has something for everyone. Nightclubs for the adults, Over 100 of beaches, Temples for the devoted, Churches for the saintly, Water Sports for the young at heart, and on and on. Goan Seafood is a delectable delight. Tourists are spoilt by the choice of cuisines, Goan, Indian, Continental, Chinese, Moghlai, Mexican, Burmese, Russian and more. South Goa is for Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation. North Goa is for the Party lovers and happening events at any time. 

1. Cleaner and less crowded beaches: Two major beaches of South Goa are Palolem beach and Colva beach. Colva is in Salcete district close to Margao while Palolem is in Canacona district and closer to Karwar. Both of the beaches are super clean and comfortable for swimming. Sip a Chilled Beer in a Goan beach shack while bidding Goodbye to the Setting Sun over the Arabian Sea. Soothing music will encourage your heart to keep on drinking.

Palolem Beach in South Goa
2. Portuguese Architecture Abode Near The Beach: Why live in Studio 4 Walled Rooms in Hotels, when you can embrace a piece of Portuguese by living in one of the many Portuguese houses all along the coastline of Goa. The Portuguese houses are so warm and majestic that magical stories and memories are bound to happen while holidaying in Goa.

Portuguese Architecture Houses in Coastal Goa. 
Most of the Portuguese houses in South Goa are huge in length and breadth as they were build to hold multiple generations of Goans in each family. Like a Joint Catholic Family all under one roof. From children, to parents to Grandparents. With modern day nuclear families breaking most Goan Traditions, now Goan Portuguese Houses are being thrown wide open to the tourists to stay on rent.

Portuguese Architecture 
3. Vegan and Vegetarian Cafes and Restaurants
Goa is now a 365 day destination for Vegetarians, Non Vegetarians and Vegans too. All along the coast and at every famous beach, one can easily spot multiple choices of pure 100 % Vegetarian food situated at every walking distance all over Goa. Now Goa is truly a paradise for Vegetarian food lovers too. There is not a single city in Goa, not having multiple vegetarian restaurants.

4. Walking Market:

There are markets splattered on every street on every beach of Goa catering to the whims and fancies of every tourist out to shop and spend on souvenirs and gifts of Goa. Every Indian buys cheap alcohol, tasty cashew nuts, Spices of Goa and lots of Silver jewelry sold by Tibetan refugees.

Walking Market – The street shopping market in South Goa
Commuting in Goa: Common way of traversing all over Goa is through rental bikes, or rental cars. In the case of non-drivers, chauffeur-driven private rental cars and cabs are available too. For more details about Rental Cars visit


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